Frequently Asked Questions

What are SportEyz?

SportEyz is a newly patented concept in eyewear providing excellent UV protection for a wide variety of conditions and activities. SportEyz provides for a wider field of vision due to its unique, frameless wrap-around design.

SportEyz comes in a reusable, plastic-hinged container that floats (similar in size to an old 35mm film container). This makes SportEyz convenient to carry in a pack, pocket, purse, glove compartment, boat, or attached to your belt. SportEyz can be used as a temporary replacement for expensive lost, broken, or forgotten sunglasses, but are so comfortable that you may use them as a permanent replacement for your existing sunglasses.

What are SportEyz made of?

SportEyz are made from a high strength, scratch resistant polycarbonate material, similar to that used in many of the expensive sunglass lenses currently on the market. They are durable, yet extremely lightweight. SportEyz offer excellent UVA and UVB protection, providing users with incredible clarity. The comfortable, thin foam padding provides a barrier to sun, wind, dust, and sweat, while the elastic cord maintains a firm fit, even in the most extreme conditions or activities. The attached cordlock is easy to adjust, assuring a comfortable and secure fit.

What colors do SportEyz come in?

SportEyz currently come in gold-mirrored, blue-mirrored, grey, and green. Other colors may be available in the future. Your suggestions are important to us.

How long will SportEyz last?

SportEyz can be rolled and unrolled many times, and may be worn several seasons if proper care is taken. However, due to the relatively low cost they can be easily replaced, especially when compared to other sunglasses.

Do SportEyz float?

Yes, SportEyz float in or out of their container.

Will SportEyz fit me?

SportEyz comfortably fit most adults and children because of their unique frameless design.

What activities are SportEyz used for?

SportEyz are ideal for almost any type of activity, from working in the yard to triathlons. Other popular activities among SportEyz wearers include water skiing, windsurfing, sailing, snow skiing, jetskiing, boating, biking, jogging, skateboarding, playing baseball, golfing, and mountain climbing. Backpackers love SportEyz, because they are very functional; they take up little space and weigh less than an ounce.

Can I wear SportEyz with my glasses or contact lenses?

SportEyz are perfect for contact lens wearers, and may be worn over prescription glasses.